Shooting with Faulty Equipment

If you're recording video or audio with a piece of equipment you know (or suspect) is faulty, failing, or flagging...

...but you MUST shoot ASAP with it for whatever reason...

...get a backup ASAP.

Even if the backup is of lesser quality.

Even if it's your phone.

Any backup is better than no backup at all.

In the last 10 years I've been recording audio, I've only had my audio recorder fail twice.

And both times were during my own movies, during an interview with a celebrity, during their best story.

I didn't know they were faulty at the time (though I learned it the hard way), but I did suspect the recorder(s) as faulty.

What would've saved my ass in both times was having a backup system running.

And what happens if both fail at the same time?

Either next time get a third recorder -
or savor the coincidence.

The First Rule of Marketing

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