If Yez Gonna Stay in dis Racket

David F. Friedman was an exploitation film producer during the mid-20th century.

He produced such classics as "Blood Feast" (1963) and "Two Thousand Maniacs" (1964).

Early in his career, with show biz in his veins, he worked at a backwoods carnival lot in upstate New York.

He noticed none of the attractions on the midway were making any money... except, of course, the girl show and the food truck.

One carney owned both.

When that carney came into the office where Friedman was working, he dumped a stack of money on his desk.

"Jack," a young Friedman asked, "you're the only guy on the lot who grabbed any scratch this entire week. How come?"

He shifted the soggy cigar stub in his mouth, looked at Friedman with disdain, and, in a guttural, Lower-East-Side New York accent, answered,

"Kid, if yez gonna stay in dis racket, allus remember dere's two t'ings dese suckahs will allus pay to do. One is to eat, and de udder is to look at dat pussy!"

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