Feedback Mechanisms

The amazing thing about the Internet - and the 21st Century in general - is our ability to use feedback mechanisms to determine if our media is having the desired results.

Don't make a massive assumption about audiences and create a movie in a vacuum.

Instead, today you can shoot a little piece of your movie, upload it to social media, and see how people respond.

Based on this response,
you can tailor the direction of your movie.

The more you incorporate this feedback loop into your process, the higher the chance of your movie being a smash success with your audience.

If you have no idea where to start, just start!

Do anything.

Film anything.

Edit anything.

Upload it wherever your audience hangs out.

Let them watch it and discuss.

If the reception is lackluster, LISTEN to what the market wants to see... then provide that form of entertainment.

Monitor Effects

Use as Much Accurate Information as Possible

Use as Much Accurate Information as Possible