When Filming Something Unusually

(Assuming you don't have the opportunity to test days in advance.)

When recording footage using new technology or equipment, or with potentially faulty gear, or under unusual circumstances...

Monitor, monitor, monitor! 

Hide in a quiet place where you can review the video and/or sound. 

Verify you're capturing footage correctly before you proceed.

Try again, then monitor the results until you're confident everything is cool and steady.

One time I was on a set recording virtual reality sound. 

It was something I had never done before, and was informed of only when I arrived.

I did some quick Googling before the shoot started, but I only had about an hour.

The first batch of recordings were captured under very fast moving conditions.

It was only after monitoring the first batch of clips was I able to notice that the virtual reality sound setup wasn't correct (hey c'mon, it was my first attempt).

After that, everything went smooth - and the VR sound captured was envelopingly excellent.

Upon reflection, I realized I could have minimized the beginning botched sound by simply monitoring the results right after the first take. 

So I'm passing that reflection on to you.

Filmmaking is Production

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