Six Steps Sowing Sinematic Success

  1. Focus, focus, focus! 
    One movie at a time: from investment, production, exhibition, to net profit.

  2. Build your network. 
    Filmmaking is, sadly, a collaborative medium. A little cult around you helps keep costs low.

  3. Reinvest. 
    Whenever you profit from your movie, reinvest it into your filmmaking enterprise.

  4. Hire slowly, but hire well. 
    You can't do everything in a movie and do it well. Hire out most roles so you can focus.

  5. Don't diversify. 
    If you hit a nerve in culture, and begin to profit immensely, replicate what you're doing.
    (Think: Soderbergh's sexy action-thriller movies.)

  6. Cut emotional attachment and be honest with yourself. 
    If you're not where you want to be, look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

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