Hulu Sound Guy Rig

sound guy hulu

There's probably about 20k worth of gear strapped onto this Sound Lad.

The K-tek boom pole is about $500-$800.

The lav transmitter and receivers are likely Lectrosonics 400 - totalling about $3,000 per kit. So having a minimum of two kits handy would cost around $6,000.

Then there's the Comtek M-216 wireless transmitter and receiver. These allow the director to clearly hear the audio you're recording, wirelessly. Both units combined will cost about $1,000.

Then there's the microphone, shock mount, windjammer, headphones, batteries, wires, the bag, all the gizmos in the bag, and (of course), the mixer / recorder.

This can easily turn into another $10,000+.

And that's just to get "Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog" quality audio recordings.

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