The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is best mitigated with self-improvement.

Better yourself, inside and out, and the fear of failure starts to evaporate. This path isn't easy.

If it were easy to become a successful digital filmmaker, every plain-shirted momma's boy Abrams fan would be one. But they're not.

You're a smart person. You probably would've done pretty well for yourself getting a college degree in something like computer engineering, jumping through the hoops, and getting your little safe job - with the micro-managing boss, the office politics...

Staring out the window everyday, wondering what could've been had you chosen differently...

Well, lucky for you, you're on that other path. But it's not as easy as the prescribed lifestyle.

It is, however, infinitely more rewarding. Infinitely more satisfying.

So how we get over that fear of failure?

Improve yourself as much as you can, everyday.

Then, jump.

Then do it again, over and over.

Improve yourself. Jump. Improve yourself.
Jump. Improve yourself. Jump.

In Her Shoes (2005)

The Third Way (For Filmmakers)