Guerrilla Rules: Escape Routes

Guerrilla Rules: Escape Routes

“The fundamental characteristic of a guerrilla band is MOBILITY.

Within a few minutes it can move away from a specific theater and in a few hours farther still from the region, if that becomes necessary; this mobility allows the guerrillas to constantly change fronts and avoid any kind of encirclement.

As circumstances of the war permit, the guerrilla band can dedicate itself exclusively to fleeing from an encirclement, which is the enemy’s only way of forcing it into a decisive encounter that might be unfavorable…

For a regular encirclement the escape routes can be controlled with a few guerrillas and access roads defended with ambushes; these should be spread out in such a way that if one is unsuccessful falls back, or simply withdraws, a second remains, and so on successively.”

Victory in a guerrilla war is achieved, according to Mr. Guevara, by turning that guerrilla army into a regular army in the course of the war.

But the beginning of this strategy is guerrilla warfare.

Guerrilla warfare starts small. So the strategy = insurgency vs. traditional warfare.

The only way to extinguish dedicated guerrilla fighters is to totally encircle them.

But if you set up your strategy to constantly be on the move, flexible, impermeable, shifting & morphing, with many escape routes planned, you can never be encircled.

And if you can’t be encircled, since you’re always escaping, you can never be defeated.

“A guerrilla chief who takes pride in their role takes great care in withdrawal. This should be timely, rapid, and managed in order to save all the wounded and their equipment, the backpacks, ammunition, etc…”

Because even in the worst situations —

“…wait for nightfall, the guerrilla fighter’s natural ally. Then, with the greatest possible stealth, after exploring and choosing the best route, the band will depart, utilizing the most adequate means of escape and maintaining absolute silence. It is extremely difficult in the conditions of darkness to prevent a group of guerrillas from escaping encirclement.”

But in the best of situations —

“At the start, there is a more or less armed, more or less homogeneous group that devotes itself almost exclusively to hiding in the roughest and most inaccessible places, making little contact with the peasants. It strikes a lucky blow and its fame grows; a few peasants dispossessed of their land or engaged in a struggle to preserve it, and young idealistic members of other classes join the nucleus; acquiring greater audacity, it starts to operate in populated areas, making more contact with the local people;

it repeats attacks, always fleeing afterwards…”

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