Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Artists in Several Years

Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Artists in Several Years

Well, maybe not replace. Actually - not replace. They won't be replacing artists in several years, and possibly never. Because humans are, well, human. This is a different subject.

But something amazing is happening at this very moment.

Machines are becoming creative.

And, soon, machines will make masterpieces.

Imagine purchasing an original Rembrandt portrait from a proprietary machine. The machine - let's call it REMbrand2 - has within its algorithm a complete & perfect understanding of the original artist's entire creative output. If engineered just right, REMbrand2 will be able to spit out new Rembrandt's as if the original artist was adding onto his oeuvre 400 years later.

Well, something like this has already occurred.

Imagine feeding raw video footage into an A.I. assistant editor, and having a really good assembly cut over night. And the assembly cut is done in your style, because the A.I. has studied all of your movies. All you have to do now is polish the video (make it more pleasing to human perceptions, and add on your own concepts). Ta-Da! 

You can now make films at 10x the speed.

Well, something like this has already occurred. 

This is the future, and it's coming.

It's basically already here.

How will you adapt?

Soon we'll live within a network of artificial Intelligence in the way we live within the Internet's network right now. This is going to fundamentally change what it means to be human. Many jobs will go extinct - as a robot will be able to do it better & cheaper. Only where the machines are incapable of doing things will people be necessary. 

This will elevate for society the primacy of vision, imagination, and creativity.

Four things to expect from the near-future, when artificially intelligent machines begin creating art that humans respond to (pulled from Ed Rex's TEDx lecture):

1. There'll be more art in the world.

Which could be an amazing thing. A new, 100 year global Renaissance catalyzed by artificial intelligence. 

2. Art will be more accessible.

Everybody loves art. Even people who say they hate it. Art is humanity - it strikes us deep. When machines start making art people authentically respond to, corporations will commodity the process to the point where good, original art will be more accessible. This may likely be combined with other innovative industries like 3D printing & drone delivery.

3. Art will be personalized.

If you consider "big data" and the personality profiles about ourselves that likely already exist within the hard drives of Google or Facebook... Then, if combined with certain proprietary A.I. algorithms, it's likely to create something that can spit out personalized art guaranteed to strike one's fancy. Imagine an A.I. that can sift through your Spotify listens, and then create an original song that instantly hooks you. And other applications...

4. It will make us more creative.

If machines can reach a pinnacle of knowledge or expression, because of sheer processing speed & power, then humans will be thrust forward in the ride as well. When industry masters can confront a supremely intelligent machine - one that seemingly possesses a paranormal consciousness - and discover new ideas or solutions before unimaginable... then society could potentially leap forward at dizzying, exponential rates. It is likely the next master artist or scientist will become so with the aid of a master machine.

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