Gary Vaynerchuk's Advice for Artists

Gary Vaynerchuk's Advice for Artists

I have aggregated from Gary V's blog the various big points he's made about artists being entrepreneurs - the business of making art.

His insight has great value, and for anybody reading this trying to make the art $$$ thing work, there may be an epiphany or two waiting in the wings. So dive in:


Let me start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with taking the route of the artist.

If you want to focus on the art, the product, that is completely fine.

It’s a different north star, a different purpose, and I respect that.

However, if you’re going to focus on that side of the equation, you better make sure you have somebody else, a partner, paying attention to the business side of things.



One great piece of content has the potential to change your life.

You’re one piece of content away from what you want to happen happening.

Whatever you love, talk about that.

Whatever you skill set is, put out good content and share it on the relevant platform that’s winning the attention of the people you want to reach. 

Recognize that you have the opportunity to win the content game. Just focus on your strengths and the quality of what you produce, how you produce it, and where you’re sharing it. Know your strengths and keep swinging. That’s how you dominate.

How can you insert yourself into the conversation?


Social media is the first true listening platform, not speaking platform.

Yes, you can speak on it. Many will, and many do so successfully, but on the flip side, riding the wave of hashtags instead of creating them is a defining part of my thesis on social media.

You’ll get much more success if you pay attention to what is trending on Twitter, try reverse engineer the nature of the hashtag, and then try to bring value to the conversation – joke, a piece of information – rather than what most people think about which is “How can I create a hashtag and start my own trend?”

Ride the Hashtag - Don't Create It.


To build up your business as an artist, you need to shift your daily output and reconfigure your week.

Sound like a lot? It’s actually pretty simple.

Ask yourself: What is the bare minimum amount I need to create every day to keep myself going? 

Then, stick to that amount.

Only make that many pieces, and dedicate the rest of the time, the time you might have spent pushing yourself to make four or five extra things, to developing your business and personal brand.

Building a brand as an artist is tremendously important.

While some may disagree, you cannot ignore the power that social media holds for artists, especially with it being such a visual industry. 

Bonus tip: it may even be helpful to hit up some podcasts or YouTube shows you know and admire. If you don’t know any, take the time to look and learn. 

The more noise you create on social media, the more demand you create for yourself. The more demand, the higher your prices can be. We all know that.

Use social media to your advantage.

Carve out that time. 

The bottom line is this:

If you’re not building up your equity, you’re going to be stuck making hundred dollar pieces when you could be making million dollar pieces.

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