How Many People in the Entertainment Industry?

How Many People in the Entertainment Industry?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering the other day how many people work in entertainment. It seems like tons of people are into the arts — but how many people?? 

Well, according to the federal labor department there's over two million people in the entertainment industry. In April of 2018, the approximate estimate is 2,344,500 people.

2,344,500 people!

That's actors, musicians, artists, filmmakers, amusement attendants, etc; the whole shebang.

There's some other interesting data on that page too.

It looks like only about 7% of people in the industry belong to a union.

The average hourly wage is $23.

The average hours worked per week is 24. That's about 4 hours a day, with a day off.

And the average weekly salary for a union member is around $700.

If you do the math for an average non-union member, $23 an hour for 24 hours a week, that's about $552 per week. That's $148 less than a union member. 

So, there you go. Some context. 

I know some of my more, ahem, competitive friends would see this two million number and say something like, "This is who you're competing against: TWO MILLION OTHER PEOPLE!" 

Well, this weirdo would be slightly correct. Everything doesn't have to be some stupid Wolf-of-Wall-Street-Style hustling attempt. Some things could just be simply for the love of it. However! If you're operating on a field occupied by two million other people... First: It's good to know that. Second: Note that many of them have significant advantages over you.

Knowing all this, the question now should be: How can only I entertain?

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