The Supply & Demand of Street Alchemists

The Supply & Demand of Street Alchemists

Street alchemists were part quack, part con artist.

They existed all throughout the Renaissance.

And I believe street alchemists still exist today, but in other forms; in other industries.

Modern alchemists are embedded in the public sphere via the arts, politics, and science.

The dictionary defines an alchemist as "a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process."

A true alchemist studied the magical arts for self perfection, or to benefit the greater good.

I would go a bit further and say they also served a dual purpose of being a visual metaphor for the natural process Wallace D. Wattles calls "increase of life." 

The desire for increase is inherent in all nature; it is the fundamental impulse of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire for increase; people are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure— increase in something, more life.
— The Science of Getting Rich

So an alchemist is able to transform / create something through a seemingly magical process, while serving as a cultural model for the human need for fuller expression.

Street alchemists, on the other hand, practiced an illusion of the magical arts for the purposes of strict financial gain. They rode on the general trends. They preyed on human psychology.

In other words: MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE!

Sourced from Charles Mackey's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" - I present to you: the two consumer markets best tailored for the alchemical racket ::

herbalife beauty scam.jpg

BEAUTY is the attraction for women.

alex jones vitality.jpg

HEALTH & STRENGTH is the attraction for men.

And MONEY is the attraction for all.

Offer this for free to the poor & suffering, and sell it at a high price to the rich - and you'll be a successful modern street alchemist. The rich will be struck with admiration of your charity and benevolence, and impress with a full conviction of your marvelous powers.

The sale of your elixirs will go on admirably.

Your saloons will throng with wealthy dupes who come to purchase immortality. 

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space shuttle 2012

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