The Word "America" is Spanish

The Word "America" is Spanish

"America" - the name itself - is technically Spanish.

It derives from Amerigo Vespucci's name.

Because he made the concept of the New World international news.

Before Amerigo, people thought Columbus's discoveries were part of Asia.

Amerigo was like - NOPE!

That shit's newww, son.

A New World ... if you will.

So Amerigo's epiphany was memorialized by map makers.

Thus, America.

Amerigo was born Italian, but became a Spanish citizen. 

Spain's innovation & exploration of the Atlantic attracted Amerigo, like a shining light on a hill. 

In 1508, Spain's "Chief of Navigation" position was created especially for Vespucci, with the responsibility of planning navigation for voyages to the Indies. 

His famous expeditions were funded by, and on behalf of, Spain.

He died in Seville, Spain in 1512.

Vespucci wrote about this "New World" - and the international community, in kind, began to use his name in association with that land - as an aesthetic & scientific reward for his service.

One particular influential map maker used the Ancient Latin version of Amerigo's first name - "Americus" - I guess to give it that authentic Renaissance stylistic feel - and bada-bing!

Fast forward a few hundred years and we've got

The United States of America.

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