The Christmas Prince 2: A Quick Review

The Christmas Prince 2: A Quick Review

Some people recommended I check out The Christmas Prince 2 on Netflix. Apparently, it’s so bad it’s good — and that’s sort of my brand among friends, at this point lol. The official title of the movie is A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

It’s pretty bad! But I stuck with it anyway because bad filming can be quite inspirational. I actually watch so many bad movies I often forget that movies are supposed to be good :)

I’m jotting down my notes real quick cause I don’t wanna spend toooooooo much time on this —

The plot of the movie is simple: Small-town American girl (for some reason) captivates the attention / heart of a Prince in some fictional European nation. He decides to marry her & make her a princess, despite the objections of the royal family — who prefer tradition & class over “following the heart.” Whatever lol.

So the the first thing I noticed was just, well… how bad it is! lol It needs to be said again! This film is legitimately so bad that it’s inspiring. You can see all the seams in the construction of this thing. And in seeing the seams, one can’t help but wonder how possible it is to make their own movie.

It’s so easy to think, “Pft! I can do that!” And there’s a value in that audience experience.

Obviously, that’s not what this movie intended. But it’s certainly a byproduct of the spectacle.

The nature of the spectacle itself is quite suspect, however.

The movie is elitist. The heart of the plot is how “evil” unionized strikers ruin Christmas by not performing the annual holiday play. Luckily, aristocracy is close by to sweep in & solve this problem. Those pesky workers, and their demands for a good quality of life. If only they had been born into wealth!

The movie is racist. There’s a flamboyant Indian wedding planner, black & gay friends who come from an urban American city, and of course, the picture-perfect white kingdom. All stereotypes. No inner life.

One can’t really expect complex characterizations from a direct-to-streaming cash-grab like Xmas Prince 2, but at the same time… that doesn’t mean the only go-to solution for this are racist stereotypes.

Also also… The prince character is so 2 dimensional. He’s just a hulking mound of Aryan meat with no passion nor drives. He’s simply the extension of a “divine bloodline” who will soon spread the seed.

It’s a dumb movie. It proves anybody can make a decent movie, if you just try.

Obviously… The commercial appeal of this film is in being the sequel to a movie that’s already been released (so it has name recognition within the streaming platform’s algorithm). It’s also a holiday movie, so those tend to get little attention bumps around their designated holiday. It’s also perfectly capitalizing on the real royal wedding that went down across the pond in England during that time.

But most importantly — A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding offers a spectacle of total escape. Oh your life sucks, little girl? Watch this movie & fantasize about the prince who will one day charm you off your feet & solve all your problems. Imagine yourself, not a small-town nobody, but an admired radical princess.

PS: The real royal wedding in England has a similiar-ish parallel story with our fictional princess too. She’s an American actress swept up by a British prince, to the ruffling of many traditionalist feathers. Good for her, but this shit’s all dumb: A Christmas Prince 2, the Royal Wedding, and monarchies in general.

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