All my life I've been told that I have "good taste."

Well, at least by the people who like me.

It's something I try to cultivate in myself & always love when others notice.

The abstract concept of taste just fascinates me. What the hell is it? Where does it come from? But, like, whyy tho? And how come we use the culinary metaphor of "taste" to shorthand the idea of somebody's personal preferences?

After years of musing on these questions, I feel society would be a much better place if only everybody had better taste.

Under this Aesthetic Utopia, political decisions would be based on its general agreeability & ability to excite human activity / imagination.

Taste does not mean you learn to love what I love.

And taste does not mean teaching others to love what you love.

Taste is a skill.

It's something you focus on, develop, and expand.

Taste is truly seeing what you're seeing, truly hearing what you're hearing, truly smelling what you're smelling, truly feeling what you're feeling, and (yes) truly tasting...

You need to experience a lot, and reflect on those experiences a lot, and experience all kinds of different experiences a lot, in order for a linguistic framework around a perception to appear & expand. This is where taste comes from.

This is Taste: the ability to deeply feel, understand, analyze, opine, state, discuss, decide, dismantle, and generally recommend a specific perception; how it affects you & others.

Taste has nothing to do with what particular media you enjoy (or don't enjoy), but rather how you feel it, how you see it, how you talk about it, and the decisions you make therein.

You know you have good taste when everything is awesome.

Breaking News: Documentary Sales Skyrocket!

Breaking News: Documentary Sales Skyrocket!

Alex Jones, InfoWars, & Performance Art

Alex Jones, InfoWars, & Performance Art