BREAKING NEWS: Google is Under Attack

BREAKING NEWS: Google is Under Attack

We're in a psychological war. Russian Intelligence allied with American right-wing extremists are attacking America. They are attacking our government, our media, and our Internet. They have unimaginable funds & resources at their disposal, and they are attacking us at every moment. Their objective is to re-engineer the fabric of American society. And it's working.

Roger Sollenberger, in his incredible yet oddly-mellow titled "How the Trump-Russia Data Machine Games Google to Fool Americans" declares in very convincing language how we are currently under attack. It's not hyperbole, it's not a matter of perspective. The attack can be charted & measured. It is unprecedented in America history. It is a government-backed propaganda disinformation campaign against Americans.

The target of the propaganda campaign isn't even targeted at the enemies of Trump.

The psychological warfare is being conducted on Trump supporters!

It's the gullible dads, the lonely ex-wives, the fatherless kids, the desperate poor, and the mentally ill being radicalized by a torrent of hostile disinformation. They become angry, they split families apart, split communities apart, everything is framed around Us. vs. Them, and eventually, the country is expected to rip right down the middle.

Roger's article recognizes that propaganda is nothing new. It goes on all the time by various governments, including our own. He goes on...

What’s different now is that this propaganda is being gamed by professionals in a massive, orchestrated data campaign at a volume, pace, and consistency that not only muddies the truth, but completely eclipses the truth. Destroys the very notion of truth.
I can describe it in no other terms but a war.

The article goes on to describe some of the technical specifics. 

For example, half of Donald Trump's twitter account followers are fake.

This is highly unusual. An average number may be between 10-20% on the high side, but 50%? No, those bots are there on purpose. And they're not just to inflate his follower count numbers. They are, what Mr. Sollenberger calls "attack vectors for weaponized information."

Printed May 15th via Washington Post.

Printed May 16th via Breitbart.

Mr. Sollenberger also provides "evidence of a massive and centrally managed strategic misinformation campaign being waged on your brain" via the Google search results. He calls this a "battlefield" and shows how typing in standard questions of the day reveal a coordinate attack on what you should believe, in order to benefit a hostile foreign government.

So for example, when you type in “trump no evidence collusion” Google, you will receive results - RIGHT NOW, GIVE IT A TRY - that link to Russian propaganda & right-wing extremist opinion blogs. Investigative news sources which usually rank as the first or second result (CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc) now appear on the bottom of the fourth or fifth page. They are eclipsed by websites with names like:,,,,,, and You see all of these sites in Google's search results before the first major neutral investigative news agency appears, in this case the BBC which was found in the middle of page 4.

Interestingly. it's an old article from the BBC. It was printed a few months ago (which is an enternity in Trump time) entitled, "Trump-Russia claims: No evidence of collusion - Nunes" which is quoting somebody implicated in the scandal, and is not actual evidence nor contemporary news. It's likely this article is being artificially boosted as part of the current psychological war.

The article on Paste Magazine continues,

These dozens of sites are all peddling the same lie with articles published at the same time. So if you wondered whether there really was collusion and wanted to dig into Google to get your story straight, you’d be overwhelmed by four fucking pages of what look like news sites telling you that even Democrats say there’s flat-out no evidence of collusion. So why the fuck, you ask, are we wasting our time and resources attacking poor, duly-elected President Trump on false pretenses?

Old articles from artificially-boosted fringe websites are also strategically updated & pumped out across multiple platforms in a synchronized manner in order to re-rise to the top of Google search results collectively, weeks after a specific story drops off the map. This coordinated effort is another example of a sophisticated full-scale psychological attack being orchestrated to indoctrinate & radicalize the vulnerable citizens of America with blatant falsehoods.

In the article, it's shown how an old out-of-context clip of  former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper saying there was "Not to my knowledge" in regards of him knowing of the existence of evidence tying Trump's campaign to collusion with Russia.

This soundbite continued to trend at the very top of Google's first page, weeks after Clapper walked back the statement and clarified,  "I don’t know if there was collusion or not." Something is going on here. This is information warfare designed to convince people that there's nothing to see here - even though that isn't true.

It's interesting how Trump's talking points always align with the psychological warfare campaign. I wonder who's taking orders from whom?

It's interesting how Trump's talking points always align with the psychological warfare campaign. I wonder who's taking orders from whom?

Overall, the purpose of the psychological warfare is to distance people from the truth.

This is a new breed of censorship.

It's here to confuse & demoralize us.

It is a hostile foreign government taking control of our national destiny.

Another purpose is to intimidate potential threats to the hostile foreign government's coup. Anybody who might be a threat to Donald Trump or Russia is targeted with a customized propaganda campaign. Trump's rabid followers are pummeled with this weapons-grade psychological warfare: they are activated into programmed foot soldiers. Characters of high integrity are publicly ripped apart, people end up physically assaulted, or even killed.

And in the end, the psychological warfare will have also included the malicious leading astray of otherwise decent people - the Trump supporters.

What will America do about this?

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