Formula of Conspiracy Theories

Formula of Conspiracy Theories

Post-Trump I don't see conspiracy content the same — How could you??

For the most part, conspiracy content is so obviously far-right radicalization fodder.

I’ve been swimming in that world for almost a decade out of a perverse fascination with underground cultures. I’m most comfortable in the fringe.

And now with the rise of Donald Trump’s far-right political movement, it’s clear that the conspiracy theory content industry was a backdoor to far-right ultranationalism.

I love indulging in the craziness of YouTube conspiracy videos, but get irked by the end when the conspiracy is blamed on a creeping one-world-order dictatorship via Satanic elites, or the shadowy Israelis, or a dystopian United States government coming to take my guns…

There’s even conspiracy stories I remember from back-in-the-day that seemed neutrally insane at the time which, now with hindsight, fed the far-right echo chamber: like Barack Obama’s birth certificate being faked; 9/11 being an inside job; the various “false flag” mass shootings.

The Nazis also relied heavily on the use of conspiracy theories to catalyze their political movement. And not just any conspiracy theory: That of the International Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory. Sound familiar? It’s the story trope that ushers in modern fascism:

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy is an antisemitic, antimasonic conspiracy theory involving an alleged secret coalition of Jews and Freemasons. These theories were popular on the far-right, particularly in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe, with similar allegations still being published.

When a giant mass of people no longer believes in the reality around them, and instead believe they are the victims of some secret global conspiracy, they will irrationally run into the arms of the charismatic figure fanning the flames of this hysteria — because only they have the answer.

For reasons I can’t explain, the majority of conspiracy content lies on the far-right of the political spectrum. You rarely ever see anybody who isn’t a conservative Christian presiding over a conspiracy channel. (Maybe the far-left could benefit from more conspiracy content).

For anybody interested in creating a conspiracy theory, this is how it goes:

[Shocking / Titillating Explanation of Major Event]


[Placing Blame on Ideological Opponents]

So if somebody wanted to create a far-left conspiracy theory channel, for example, all they’d have to do is follow a bunch of typical far-right conspiracy outlets, copy their conspiracy ideas (and perhaps think of a few new ones), and simply twist the ending so the blame is placed on the Nazis, Confederates, MAGA, and the far-right.

I can think of an easy leftist conspiracy worldview: The United States is built on a bloodline of occult white supremacists, which justified slavery & genocide — and inspired the Nazis. The Nazis were an intensified far-right ultranationalist petri dish. When that regime collapsed, these radicalized Nazi elites were welcomed into the highest levels of American government… while also dispersing into high government positions across the world. This is why we have a new, emerging Nazi threat today… because the Nazis never really went awayIn fact, they came back home to finish the jobThe Hitler legacy is our #1 modern threat.

‘How Race Questions Arise.’ A map of the 48 states showing ‘Statutory Restrictions on Negro Rights,’ which appeared in the Nazi propaganda magazine Neues Volk in 1936. (Courtesy of University of Michigan Library, appearing in James Q. Whitman’s Hitler’s American Model)

Of course, one might say: You don’t really believe this stuff, do you?

But it’s not about convincing people to believe something. It’s about redirecting impressionable attention toward left-wing causes, socialist ideas. Far-right conspiracy pushers like Alex Jones have been responsible for “waking people up” for many decades.

It’s time to break this routine & fight fire with fire: More conspiracy content for the left.

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