Sicario 2 is State Propaganda

Sicario 2 is State Propaganda

PLOT: "FBI agent Matt Graver calls on mysterious operative Alejandro Gillick when Mexican drug cartels start to smuggle terrorists across the U.S. border."

What on flippin' Earth?? This movie sounds like flaming-hot garbage — I HAVE TO GO SEE IT 🤤🤤🤤 mmm covert state propaganda 🤤🤤🤤

This is a sequel, right?

I don't even know who or what a Sicario is. What's a Soldado?
[Googles it, see's it's Spanish for "Soldier" woops!]

"Day of the..." seems pretty self-explanatory... 
[So it follows the Aristotelian Unities?? Dope!]

Which one of these guys is Sicario? Are they all Sicario? Is Sicario, like, a state of mind?

Or are they just the Soldados? I'm soOo confused!

::three hours later:: Okay — Just saw Sicario 2.

I can confirm with 99% certainty that the word Sicario is not a person (like Johnny Sicario), nor a place (“Welcome to Sicario, Texas!”) but the title of hitmen (or hitwomen!) that (I guess?) work for the Mexican cartel.

Riiiiiiight at the very end Benicio del Toro’s all like, “So you wanna be a Sicario?” Thus answering many questions I had about this stupid movie.

Definitely plenty of Soldados.

Although I do believe this takes places over the course of many days, and not just on the “Day of the...” So unfortunately Sicario 2 does not follow the Aristotelian unities.

Fuck this movie 🚡

What's it actually about? Basically, Josh Brolin is like a black-ops agent for, I guess, the US Army (?) That wasn't fully clear to me. But he runs dark torture missions in Afghanistan.

After a series of Muslim terrorist attacks sweep the country, apparently because they're coming in through the Mexican border, the Secretary of Defense clears Josh Brolin to be transferred from the Middle East to the Mexican border... With a near unlimited budget.

Brolin's plan? To stage the kidnapping of a cartel kingpin's daughter as if it were done by a rival cartel. 

The idea is to have the cartels fighting among each other to, um, I guess — actually I forget why. Maybe to ramp up legislation in the United States to label the cartels as terrorist groups? They said something about that but that seems like a lame excuse. To build a fucking wall at the border? They don't mention a wall but I mean c'mon. I forget why they wanted to make the cartels war with each other but that's Brolin's plan.

Of course, the entire thing falls apart quickly.

Even within the reality of the movie (which is state propaganda btw) they're like, "Actually, we discovered the terrorists were from New Jersey and didn't sneak in from the border. Woops!" And that whole line gets dropped quick. WTF?

So, the majority of the movie is Josh Brolin trying to stone-faced put the pieces back together of his totally botched mission. I'm surprised not one character in the film was like, "Homie... That little plan of yours... Yeah, that one sucked, my man." Nope. The plan falls apart and they just go forward fixing the fallout as if it were the mission.

Who's Benecio del Toro in all this? He's a hired gun who's non-stop brooding about whatever the fuck happened in the first movie (which I did not see). We get it, guy. Whatever happened sucked. What else are you into? Yahtzee? Ice cream? Exotic animals? Give us something else!

Anyway, he's riding out in the Mexican Border alongside Josh Brolin as the designated Spanish speaker in the mission. They play dirty cop together. 

Del Toro gets a big money shot in the movie, too. Y'know the one, where he goes all bang bang bang  and it's supposed to be bad ass. That one. It's in the trailer, google it.

By the end of the film, no goal is accomplished — though it may feel like it.

The terrorists still sweep the country, there is no genuine terrorist-crossing-the-border crisis, and a child is forever ripped away from her family... but it's okay because she's a cartel guy's daughter, ammirite? ::deep sigh::

But actually, if you look closer, the movie does accomplish a few big goals:

You now hate Muslims a little more, you now hate Mexicans a little more, you now want a Trump border wall a little more, you're okay with interning people in prison camps a little more... Like the movie says, "Think of them like sheep."


If you wanna see some rockhard Trump admin state propaganda pretending to be an escapist action flick, then run — don’t walk — I guess to your kitchen or bathroom (or remain as you were) but definitely not to the theater to check out Sicario 2 because it’s sick & racist & dumb.

Unless you’re like me and enjoy seeing how the other half lives 🚡

I mean — Muslim terrorists being smuggled in by Mexican cartels?? But, why?

There’s this scene where like an “All-American” mom & her adorable “All-American” daughter, in this Kansas City grocery store, get cruelly blown up by “Islamic terrorists” who are doing their spOoOoOoky religious chant. The depiction is so one-sided & evil that your automatic thought is to hate whoever would do such a thing. Even though it's obviously war time propaganda.

But then, like, the Secretary of Defense says — THIS IS ALL MEXICO'S FAULT!!

Now we're expected to transfer our decade's long psychic associations about "the war on terror" toward Mexico in general. The link is so arbitrary it must be by design.

This movie is non-stop making the audience hate Mexicans & Muslims. Mixing both of them together. The nuance of "fundamentalist" or "cartel" disappears. Only the difference of the scary brown other remains.

The movie pulls this off by having amorphous villains. One of the military guys even comments, "It's hard to tell who's a gang-banger these days."

At some point, the Federal Mexican Police are the enemies. So Josh Brolin & the army shoots them all down — but it's justified because they're evil Mexicans, not regular Mexicans, and after all they started it... 

The Muslim terrorists are Mexican migrants; the American students are Mexican cartel stooges; the US army engages in black-ops as a Mexican cartel; the Mexican police turn out to be enemies; there's talk of labeling Mexican smugglers as terrorists, the way the Muslims are...

Allllllll the way in the back of my mind I can hear this little voice saying, "GEE IF WE ONLY HAD A WALL AT THE BORDER THAT SURE WOULD SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS."

Fuck. That.

The way the movie guides you to that thought, like a predetermined ride, is proof that Sicario 2 functions principally as state propaganda.

This movie exemplifies 2018 as it represents not only the narrative fuckery of the year (starting a mission out of machismo that falls apart and accomplishes none of the original goals but hey at least we got to act tough), but also illustrates a demented fever dream of the nation.

I can’t even right now, honestly.

This movie is so fucking insulting & stupid. In the theater, the whole time, I was just shaking my head and audibly grunting, "Ohhh Godddddd..."

And yet I voluntarily walked my happy ass to the local retro movie theater to watch this via MoviePass lol. Why?

Because, goddammit, I'm an American and I love trash cinema — especially when it’s state propaganda. I mean, I'm into state propaganda even when it's not trash cinema (see: Zero Dark Thirty) — but everything’s got that element of fun when it is trashy.

Was there anything good about the film?

Sure... Like 1% good. It's well-made (images are in focus / audio clear, etc); it was easy to get swept up in the action; characters have their moments of empathy; Mexico City's cool; the actors did a fine job; and it was cathartic to watch a warped mirror of today's headlines, etc...

In all seriousness though, this is the kinda dehumanization propaganda that justifies the internment of people in the United States. Doesn't matter what the director says.

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