Which Actor Influenced Your Behavior?

Which Actor Influenced Your Behavior?

The actors we love in our childhoods shape our behavior forever.

This is an observation I've made over the course of many, many years. All kinds of people - from the most successful to the poorest schlub - are radically influenced by movies.

Movies are idealized slices of reality. We experience movies as a real life experience.

Movies, therefore, are the height of human experiences.

And the actors portrayed within are logically the height of human potentialities. 

And we, being imitative creatures, mirror & mimic what we adore.

In our youth, our personalities are most pliable.

At some point, around 18ish years old, the malleability of our personalities shut - and from that point forward we are fated to relive cycles of behavior: of instincts localized, arbitrary associations linked, of permanent habits (good & bad), and thought loops, traumatic memories, chemical highs we're always trying to get back to...

The fictional characters portrayed by actors in movies shift our true personalities in radical directions. We see these characters in our youth, wish to be just like them, and in our subconscious their influence drives us for the rest of our lives.

It's true. Movies effect the lives of every human being on the planet. 

Movies provide the models for how we should think & live.

If you ever want to get really introspective, and do some deep soul work, ask yourself:

What cinematic character did I model myself after?

Or, if nothing comes to mind:
What fictional character do I think influenced me the most in my youth?

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