Movies Are a Magic Spell

Movies Are a Magic Spell

Movies are a magic spell.

They involve casting, the arrangement of stars, movie "magic", and the willful altering of reality toward a specific effect.

Magic is the science of the ancient magi... Magic combines in a single science that which is most certain in philosophy, which is eternal and infallible in religion. It furnishes the human mind with an instrument of philosophical and religious certitude as exact as mathematics...
There is an incontestable truth; there is an infallible method of knowing that truth, while those who attain this knowledge, and adopt it as a rule of life, can endow their will with a sovereign power which can make them masters of all inferior things, all wandering spirits, or, in other words, arbiters and kings of the world.

The movie itself is the spell.

The sound is the chant, the image is the ritual. 

A spell alters reality toward a specific effect.

Likewise, a movie moves audiences toward a specific emotional outcome.

Movies work within a silent, aesthetic dimension. This is the dimension of the unconscious, from which generates biological religion. This is big league stuff.

Add or alter the unconscious, and you're walking in lands of religion, spirituality, divinity.

Movies, specifically, are altered realities rearranged to alter your reality.

The key to all this is -

What kind of magician are you?

Magic has above all a psychological effect whose importance should not be underestimated.
— Carl Jung
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