Belief & Pricing

Frame the price as a political or religious action.

People will happily pay more for something when it's tied to one of their beliefs.

Elon Musk is the clearest example of this.

The thought of buying a car from Tesla makes you feel all kinds of things. The car itself communicates your values, and would fill you daily (once purchased) with many visceral emotions about innovation, efficiency, style, and the future.

I know many people who WANT to buy this car. **I** want to buy this car.

We desire it. We can't wait to throw piles of our money at Elon.

That's because he's brilliant at selling his product.

And we can do the same.

Once a purchase is divorced from its consumer ritual and, instead, re-married with an emotional charge that kicks an audience in the stomach, tickles their funny bone, or makes them mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore, then you'll actually be EXCITED to buy whatever-it-is being sold (sayyyy a promotional film? a feature film? a film festival?)

Small Victories

King Kong (1933)